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The eBottles420 difference!

eBottles420 has been actively supplying packaging for over 40 years and today offers the most extensive line of child resistant packaging uniquely designed for the cannabis industry in the world. With warehouses strategically located around the country, we are positioned to deliver - next day - to you!

What's the best material for you?

The choice is between glass and plastic. Learn about multiple plastic materials available for packaging cannabis products and why PET is the best choice due to its glass-like clarity, excellent oxygen barriers and the fact that it is widely recycled. At eBottles420 we provide all the options and guide you through the pros and cons of each.

Designed for sustainability (PTFE)

At eBottles420, we care about what happens to our packaging downstream! Our goal is to enable customers to make the claim with your package that it's made with post consumer material and to encourage your customers to recycle this package. Learn about PET Plastic as the most viable solution for sustainability.

Ebottles420 annual distributor conference invitation. (PS-22)

eBottles420 is hosting its first conference for distributors ever! Take it to the next level by learning everything imaginable about packaging. To succeed in this business you need to be an expert in the field, and we will provide you with the tools you need to dominate your market. See you soon!