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Our cannabis packaging products are developed in partnership with our customers and the ever evolving needs of the industry.

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Pre-roll Tins

Choose a CR Button Slider or Button Hinged Tin for everything from mini pre-rolls to king size joints and edibles. With unlimited printing capabilities and options for emboss, deboss and spot UV, tins are seamlessly branded. Available with clamshell and open tray inserts to keep your products safe and secure.

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Digital Print

Print complex colors and background designs with digital printing. Printing is available with a 3D raise and added gloss for bold decoration.

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Liner Retention Feature

The retention feature holds a narrow liner inside the closure, resulting in a more seamless heat seal and liner combination.

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Multipack Pre-roll Double Shell

Our 33 mm PP double shell was design for easier access to your pre-rolls. The double shell provides a smooth interior so your pre-rolls don't get caught inside while also maximizing label space & deco area.

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5 ml LoPro Glass Jar.

Pollen Gear™ "LoPro" - 40/400. Available in Clear, Opal, Black Glass and Matte Black with Silver Interior

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5 ml Ecliptic Glass Jar.

Kush™ - 35/400. Available in Clear and White

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Ocean Bound Plastic

All of our plastic jars and closures are now available in certified, reclaimed Ocean Bound Plastic. As a sustainable solution, OBP reuses material and helps rescue plastic that might otherwise end up in the ocean. 

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Patterned Closures

Raised designs on the closure side wall bring a customizable textured feel to our family of CR closures. Available in custom designs and finishes.

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Magnifying Glass Closure

Our child resistant 53 mm closure is available with a convex magnifying glass lens for an up close look at packaged flower.

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Opal Glass Jar

Opal jars are a glossy, opaque white glass including the jar threads.

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5 ml Double Shell

The 5 ml concentrate jar snaps into a PP shell for a compliant package with additional label space & deco area. The Double Shell package is also available in 9 ml.

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Deep Well Concentrate Jar

The 5 ml Deep Well concentrate jar features an increased height for more label space. With a rounded base made from quality, thick wall glass, the Deep Well is expertly designed to showcase your quality waxes and extracts.

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Laser Engraved Pipettes

Child resistant droppers measure dosage with engraved glass graduated pipettes. Engraved pipettes solve for graduation on glass without the risk of fading ink.

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Extra Tall Concentrate Jar Closure

The Extra Tall Square closure offers additional area for labels and decoration for our Square 9 ml concentrate jar.

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18 oz 89 mm Glass Flower Jar

Introducing glass value size options for 1/2 oz and 1 oz packages.

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5 ml Square Concentrate Jar

The 5 ml square jar elevates concentrate packaging with a sleek, geometric profile. Square concentrate jars are also available in 9 ml.

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Opal Square Concentrate Jar

The Square concentrate jar is now available in a premium, opal glass. Opal glass is a polished glossy white including the jar neck and threads.

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Snap On Metal Seal

Tin metal sealing disks lock in terps with a tin barrier fit to the concentrate jar surface. Customize with extra branding on the tin lid top. Child resistant closures fit over the tin seal for compliance.

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Clear Heat Seal Liner

Clear heat seal liners allow a product preview while the tamper evident, airtight seal is still intact.

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