We Salute

Grow Boldly

As the legalization of cannabis continues to grow, eBottles is honoring past and modern-day pioneers who paved the way for progress in our industry.

Let's raise a joint in tribute as we recognize those brave enough to Grow Boldly.

From renowned growers and brand founders, to medical professionals and advocates—these trailblazers had the courage necessary to believe in their dreams despite immense opposition.

Bold people change the world: Grow Boldly.

John Lord

John Lord shook up the cannabis industry with LivWell, a groundbreaking seed-to-sale dispensary originating in Colorado. Recognizing the lifeline cannabis could offer those battling chronic illnesses, Lord pushed the industry forward as a vigorous advocate, tirelessly campaigning for the expungement of non-violent marijuana offenses and challenging the fairness of licensing laws.

Dahlia Mertens

In 2008, Dahlia Mertens embarked on a journey to introduce the incredible healing properties of cannabis-infused topicals to the public. Despite skepticism, Dahlia persisted in advocating for the availability of these products. Today, Mary Jane's Medicinals stands as one of the top suppliers of topicals in the state of Colorado.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

eBottles is celebrating Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, a legendary pioneer who revolutionized our understanding of cannabinoids. Dr. Mechoulam went on to recognize that cannabinoids could interrupt seizures from epilepsy and that CBD had enormous potential for healing.

Who’s next?

Keep a lookout for more Icons of Cannabis that studied, advocated and advanced the industry to where we are today.

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