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Terpsafe Closures

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are volatile organic compounds which contribute to the pharmacology, efficacy, aroma, and flavor of cannabis. Because terpenes are so volatile, cannabis flower rapidly loses its terpene content from the moment it's harvested.


Why are Terpenes important?

Terpenes enhance product quality and freshness.

Cannabis compounds and terpenes interact synergistically to create an "entourage effect" that magnifies the therapeutic benefits of the plant's individual components.

Together, cannabinoids (THC, CBD) and terpenes can influence the efficacy, pharmacological and euphoric effects of cannabis use.

Why are Terpenes hard to preserve?

Terpenes are inherently volatile resulting in the loss of terpene content over time as flower ages. Every time the customer opens the package, some of the terpenes evaporate and escape the bottle.

Each repeated opening and closing of the package results in ongoing terpene loss and a perceived decrease in quality and freshness. An airtight closure can help prevent this continuous terpene loss to maintain product quality.

How do you preserve Terpenes?

The preservation of terpenes both in the cannabis product itself and within retail packaging is vital to the maintenance of a quality product.

TerpSafe is a patent pending closure designed to preserve and protect terpene content in cannabis flower keeping product fresher, longer. TerpSafe is designed to be a terpene source that creates positive pressure within the container. TerpSafe keeps the naturally present terpenes from escaping the flower. With the addition of the correct amount of terpenes, a balance can be achieved. Additional terpenes can also be added to enhance the cannabis flavor if desired


The TerpSafe lid consists of a basket insert that snaps in place inside of our specially tooled child resistant closures. The basket contains a paper infused with a terpene blend which matches the natural terpenes present in your specific cannabis strain.

The terpene infused matrix inside the TerpSafe cap fills the package and establishes a favorable balance between the terpenes in the flower and the terpenes in the head space. These terpenes work together to create an equilibrium which keeps the native terpenes from escaping the flower.

In this published peer reviewed study, TerpSafe preserves 100% of the terpenes versus 30% loss over 1 month without TerpSafe.


TerpSafe Pod is a TerpSafe solution created to work with any size package. Developed with the same preservation technology as TerpSafe, TerpPod can be dropped into pre-roll vials, J tubes, flower jars and bags.

What Jars can pair with TerpSafe Closures?

The TerpSafe closure works with all of our glass and PET 53mm neck size jars,
ranging from 16 dram to 60 dram. More sizes to come soon.

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