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Which liner is best for my products?

Which liner is best for my products?



Liners are essential to creating an airtight seal for your package. The right liner works to preserve your product by keeping tasty terpenes in and degrading oxygen out. Different liners perform best depending on the product you are packaging. 

Foamed Polyethylene (PE) Liners (also known as F-217)

  • Popular for flower packaging, PE liners are the industry standard with all-purpose compatibility, a resilient, compressible seal, cleanliness and a low moisture transmission rate.
  • PE liners also have solid taste and odor resistance and are well suited for carbonated beverages.

Foil (Esterfoil) Liners

  • Esterfoil liners are the standard lining material we offer with our glass concentrate jars.
  • The foil layer serves as the barrier to volatile terpenes, keeping the product from escaping by means of migrating through the liner and evaporating off.

PTFE Liners (also known as Teflon)

  • PTFE liners are the premium lining material we offer for use with our glass concentrate jars.
  • Ideal for use with products like Sauce or Live Resin which tend to stick to the closure liner and jar making it extremely difficult to unscrew the closure.

Pressure Sensitive Liners (PS-22)

  • Pressure Sensitive liners are made of a styrene foam material coated on the down facing side with a torque activated adhesive.
  • Pressure Sensitive liners are not recommended for use with cannabis flower as the styrene material does not provide a good oxygen barrier and the product "shake" will stick to the liner.
  • Note: Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to set up prior to removing the closure to test the seal.

Heat Seal Liners

Induction heat seal liners are a specialty type of liner that serves as a seal to the bottle or jar, providing an extra layer of protection against leakage as well as functioning as a tamper evident barrier. 

Main benefits: 

  • Hermetic seal: 
    • Airtight bond with an impermeable foil layer
  • Tamper evident seal: 
    • Available with Clean Peel or Welded Seal 
  • Ability to Automate
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Can be used for flower, edibles and concentrates. 

Types of Heat Seal Liners:

Lift and Peel Heat Seal Liners 

  • Lift and Peel liners are friction fit heat seal liners with a convenient pull tab on top. 
  • These liners create a “clean peel” seal. We typically supply these liners with a PP foam backing to keep the product fresh after opening.

Tri Tab Heat Seal Liners

  • Tri Tab Heat Seal liners are composed of foil laminated to a foam backing for rigidity and friction fit inside the closure. 
  • The tabs are a convenient way to remove the foil and also help with liner retention. 
  • We typically supply these liners with a PP foam backing to keep the product fresh after opening.

Safeguard (2 Part) Heat Seal Liners

  • Safeguard heat seal liners are 2 part liners which typically comprise a pulp backing with foil held in place by a wax coating. 
  • The wax melts with the heat and is absorbed by the pulp while the foil adheres to the jar. 
  • Liner retention is not an issue as they are glued into the closure.

Plug Style Liners

  • Our LUG style liners act as an airtight plug in plastic pre-roll and vape cart bottles.
  • Independently sealing - separate from closure 

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