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The Best Cannabis Packaging for Your Multipack Pre-roll

The Best Cannabis Packaging for Your Multipack Pre-roll



eBottles multipack cannabis packaging can fit a wide range of pre-roll quantities and sizes depending on the package. Whether you select glass or plastic, single or multipack, opaque or transparent, all of our cannabis pre-roll packaging will keep your joints upright, free from damage, and most importantly, preserved. 

0.3 to 0.5 gram joints

Mini and Mini Oval

Our Mini in both glass and PET was designed for a multipack of around 5 joints of 0.3 to 0.5 gram size.

The Glass Mini is 8 mm shorter than the PET Mini and is commonly used in the industry for smaller joint multipacks.

Multipack Minis are also a great package for cannabis drinks or shot bottles. 

0.5- 1 gram joints

The Classics

The Classic Glass and PET lines fit a range of quantities for the 1 and 1/4" sized cone or 0.5 gram joint. 

PET Classic 24

Available in PET, the Classic 24 is narrower than the Classic 28 and Classic 38 sizes and can hold 3 x 85 mm pre-rolls. 

Glass Classic 28

The Glass Classic 28 is a vial, so it can be easily adjusted in height for a MOQ. The Glass Classic 28 Vial also has a slightly rounded shoulder and can fit 5 x 80mm (0.3-0.5 g) pre-rolls. 

PET Classic 28

The PET Classic 28 is around 6 mm taller than the Glass Classic 28 and holds 5 x 85 mm (0.5 g) pre-rolls.

Glass & PET Classic 38

Glass and PET Classic 38 Multipacks were also designed for 1 and 1/4" sized cones or 0.5 to 1 gram joints. With a wider neck, the Classic 38 holds thicker pre-rolls. Similar to the Classic 28, the PET Classic 38 is 6 mm taller than the glass version. 

0.7- 1 gram joints

PET King 

Our tallest Multipack Pre-roll package, the PET King size clocks in at 116 mm in height. The King holds 5 x 110 mm (0.7-1 g) pre-rolls. 

With our wide variety of child resistant multipack pre-roll packages, we recommend sampling the sizes to see which package is right for your product. Contact us for samples!

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