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The Benefits of the eBottles Square Cannabis Concentrate Jar are Airtight

The Benefits of the eBottles Square Cannabis Concentrate Jar are Airtight



With many packaging options to choose from, it can be hard to decipher which concentrate package to select for your product. When it comes to Square concentrate jars, it’s critical to select a package that has an airtight, functional seal and a liner that forms a barrier to oxygen. 

eBottles Square concentrate jars stand out from the market offering with a critical screw cap closure that guarantees an airtight seal. In order to preserve the taste, smell and entourage effects that terpenes provide, the liner you choose needs to function as an impenetrable barrier to keep terpenes from escaping. 

When tested against competitor products, eBottles glass jars paired with foil liners outperformed all other packages in terms of terpene preservation. Read more about our terpene preservation testing here.

eBottles stocks foil and PTFE Teflon liners in Square caps to protect those volatile terpenes with the strongest liner barriers offered on the market. Anti-stick PTFE Teflon liners are also an excellent choice for sticky products that can interfere with the jar threads if stuck to the liner.

The eBottles line of Square concentrate jars keeps your product safe from oxygen degradation and secure with certified child resistance. Made from premium, crystal clear glass, the Square jar’s quality versus competitors is clear. Available in clear, opal, black and decorated glass, the Square jar can be tailored to all brands and markets.

With new competitive pricing, the eBottles Square concentrate jar is the most cost effective, performance Square package on the market. 

Contact our sales team for samples to test with your product and see the difference the eBottles Square jar can make for your concentrates. 

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