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Protect edibles from getting into the wrong hands

Protect edibles from getting into the wrong hands



While it may be tempting to save a few cents when selecting Mylar bags for your cannabis, it’s important that your package stays child resistant once it reaches your customer’s home. 

Child resistant zippers are difficult to close. Mylar bags are frequently left open, attracting children and pets. Bags mimic the appearance of candies and snacks, which can lead to children consuming edibles by mistake. 

Reports of children under the age of six accidentally consuming edibles with marijuana in them have jumped 1,375% between 2017 and 2021, according to a new study in the academic journal Pediatrics. More than 7,000 confirmed cases of kids younger than 6 eating marijuana edibles were reported to the nation’s poison control centers between 2017 and 2021, climbing from about 200 to more than 3,000 per year.

Without proper resealing, bags can leave edibles easily accessible to children in the home. In order to limit edibles entering the wrong hands, we recommend jars with push and turn child resistant closures that are easily and efficiently resealed.

eBottles child resistant jars and closures use a push and turn system commonly seen on medications and household chemicals. With a push and turn child resistant feature, jars are easy to open (for adults), and just as easy to reseal and keep secure. 

Our jars and closures are tested in accordance with 16 CFR Section 1700.20 with all packaging meeting child resistant requirements. While it is up to the consumer to keep drugs out of the reach of children, packaging must be easily opened and resealed in order to prevent accidental poisoning. 

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