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eBottles Announces New Partnership with Pollen Gear Design Team, GearNeed



eBottles teams up with GearNeed, iconic packaging design team behind Pollen Gear, to develop new child-resistant cannabis packages and provide custom design services.

November 6th, 2023, Jupiter, FL

eBottles will partner with Ed Kilduff, Shane Blomberg and the GearNeed team for exclusive packaging designs across the eBottles catalog. GearNeed will consult on hyper-custom proprietary packaging built by eBottles as well as advise on branding and design for existing product lines. 

Pollen Gear single handedly changed the world of child-resistant packaging with the introduction of their “HiLine” glass jars in 2016. Cosmetic, tall smooth-sided dome closures and rounded base glass jars changed the way we thought about packaging possibilities. Prior to their introduction, child-resistant packages were pharmaceutical or industrial in appearance. Pollen Gear broke the mold and showed the world that a child-resistant package could be expressive and creative. 

eBottles followed Pollen Gear’s aesthetic lead by creating a wide range of closures that are smooth-sided, symmetric, and could be produced with metallic or wood grain finishes and decorated with screen printing, hot stamping or heat transfer labels.

As the industry leading packaging provider, eBottles is extending the GearNeed design service to customers looking to bring their ideas to life.

“We are innovative, creative, and we are the company to come to for streamlined packaging solutions,” says Kathy Ziegler, VP of Business Development. 

eBottles and GearNeed will partner together to help customers build brand innovation and solidify their supply chain with a trusted packaging partner. 

Contact your sales manager or our customer service team to get started on a custom design project.

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