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3 Reasons for Custom Cannabis Packaging

3 Reasons for Custom Cannabis Packaging



The goal of custom packaging is to design a package that reflects your brand identity, resonates with consumers, and stands out from the competition. Customization is also a great way to optimize your package for cost savings and performance. With limitless options to make our products your own, customization is a seamless way to bring your brand to life. 


As the first touchpoint between your brand and the customer, packaging is a key element in the consumer experience. Packaging design can showcase the strength, feeling and vibe of the product, all within your decoration choices. Choosing a brand color or customizing per line of product, can reflect the product and its promised effect on the consumer. Custom packaging is an easy way to show your customers what you stand for from the very first interaction.


A strong brand can give companies name recognition and loyalty. In a competitive market, customized packaging can make the difference on the shelf. With customized packaging, brands can separate themselves from the crowd with recognizable and engaging packaging. Custom packaging can convey your brand purpose and what sets you apart from the other brands in the market. As brands expand into new markets, a continuous and recognizable brand can help build your customer following and longevity in the cannabis space. 


While brand building is an important element of custom packaging, choosing a custom package may save costs for your business down the line. eBottles will cover mold costs so you can deboss or emboss your logo into a closure at no additional cost. With our strategic warehousing solutions, we can bring in a decorated order and ship products to you as needed, just in time. Our warehousing solutions can save you space and shipping costs. 

eBottles offers a vast selection of customizable options that can make your packaging more efficient. Our Double Shell Concentrate Jars eliminate the need for a secondary box with an extra label panel on the jar panel. eBottles offers multipack packages for pre-rolls and Value Size packages for flower so you can differentiate your product offering. 

Custom packaging is a no-brainer for companies looking to grow their business, customer base and operational savings. We’re here to help work out the best custom solution for you to #GrowBoldly. 

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