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The Clear Glass Spice Jars offer a multi-functional dispensing package for your product. Available with stylish Sift and Pour Flapper Caps in red.

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Customer Questions

Q: what size of label should I order for the 4 oz bottle - want the spice to be visible above and below the label

A: The Maximum label area for the 4oz spice jar is 2.75" x 5.5". In order to display your product you can chose a shorter label accordingly.

Q: I am looking for a 6 oz spice jar with a black shaker and opening top. I see one that looks good. Is red the only option?

A: Yes, this cap is only available in red.

Q: Id like to order several pallets (approx 10,000 units) of the 4 oz. spice glass jars. Do you offer any kind of discounts for buying in bulk? If so, what would be my cost/unit?

A: We offer standard volume discounts of 10% on orders of $1,000 or more, 20% on orders of $2,500 or more and 25% on orders of $5,000 or more. For your specific request, we will be sending you a quote for 10,000 units in a separate email.

Q: We store spices in a pull out drawer. Accordingly, all one sees are the lids. Do you have spice bottles where one can label the lids on top?

A: If plastic is an option for you, we offer both our PET Spice Jars and the PP Spice Jars with Sifter Caps in a variety of colors, all of which can accommodate a small circular label on top.

Q: Cant pull up the dimensions of the 2oz spice jar Glass...can you tell me what it is

A: The measurements for the 2 oz. Glass Spice Jars (without caps) are as follows: The Overall Height is 1.87" The Diameter is 2.17" The Circumference is 6.817"

Q: can I buy just the caps for the 2 ounce

A: Yes, you can purchase just the caps in the Closure section of our website, or simply click here to purchase your Flapper Caps for the 2 oz. Spice Jars. Make sure you choose the correct size by selecting the 53/485 neck finish.

Q: is there a grinder cap available for the 4 oz. bottle? If not what diameter cap would we need to get to fit? We are interested in 200 to 400 bottles

A: Unfortunately, we dont carry any grinder caps. The 4 oz. Bottle has a 48/485 neck finish, meaning that the outer diameter of the bottle neck (and inner diameter of the cap) measures 48 mm.

Q: Can I buy just a few bottles of each size? Or do I have to get them by the bag? (meaning at least one whole bag of each size).

A: The minimum order quantity for the 2 oz. glass jar is 24, the other sizes (4, 6 and 16 oz.) are packed 12 to a case.

Q: What are the dimensions (height and diameter of the 6 oz and 4 oz bottles?

A: The 6 oz bottle is 4.5" tall and has a diameter of 2 1/8". The 4 oz bottles is 4" tall and has a diameter of 1 7/8".

Q: Does the white cap lid have a flaper to open and despence the content or one has to open the lid completely

A: Yes, the white cap does not have a flap opening, it is a regular cap that is sold without the sifter for larger spices such as bay leaf or vanilla beans. The red cap has the flaps which can dispense a sifted amount or full amount.
4 1
4 / 5 stars
Headline: Delivery of package was on time and very pleased it was EXACTLY what I was needing to get all my spices organized.
Size: 3 oz
Product use: Organizing my spice cabinet
I am a: Individual
What is good: There glass and see through.
What is not so good: They could break.
About the service: Like all the products U offer.

5 1
5 / 5 stars
Headline: Functional and attractive
Size: 2 oz, 4oz, and 6 oz
Product use: Used in a drawer with a sloping rack
I am a: Individual
What is good: Clear glass good for viewing contents, lids good for sprinkle or spoon (small one). Nice to have matching different sizes.
What is not so good: Would like an 8oz version too. And black or white lids would be a nice addition.
About the service: Very good, even though I had some trouble with placing my order over the web - it vanished after I thought Id completed it. I received good service.

5 1
5 / 5 stars
Headline: Great
Size: 4oz
Product use: Wedding Favors
I am a: Individual
What is good: Everything
What is not so good: Nothing
About the service: Wonderful

5 1
5 / 5 stars
Headline: Great all around
Size: 6 oz
Product use: To create holiday gifts
I am a: Individual
What is good: Good quality, seals easy to use. Came quickly.
About the service: Very good.