Customer Questions

What is the height of the COSMO ROUND TALL PLASTIC - PET 6oz bottle, and the 8oz bottle?

Does this bottle come with a flip-top?

Hi, Can you give me the diameter and height of each of the "tall plastic bottles (Item code 449)? Thank you. Barb

Id like this in a 32 oz or liter size (clear) Do you have it?

Hi- are any of these 4 oz bottles leakproof? Does the pressure seal make them leakproof and also how does it work? I ship liquids, so want to make sure. Also is there any way to get a sample? thanks

Hello. Are the plastic walls of this bottle relatively thick? I am hoping to purchase a 16oz bottle to be used as a child time-out bottle. I want to make sure that when the bottle is filled with liquid and in use, it will not break (if a child were to throw it, for example). Also, approximately how long does it take to ship one of these bottles in the US? Thanks!

Can I get clear 2oz Pet Tall Cosmo Rounds with No Closures?

My name is Jess Card with Rubio Monocoat USA. We purchased 1500 2oz Pet Tall Cosmo Rounds 20/410 with Fine Mist Sprayer. We want to purchase a different top for them though. We now want to purchase the "twist to open/close closure" only. Can we purchase just the top since we already have the bottle?

I am interested in the 4oz. Which of the closure option is most suitable for dispensing oil? NOT interested in just a closure. Select from your list of sprayers, tops or pumps.

Is this bottle suitable for essential oils? Does it crush easily?

I purchased these bottles from you for manufacturing eliquid. I need the certification letters for this type of bottle proving it is child resistant. Can you email that to me please?

Where can I find GCC/CRC certifications for your bottles?
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Product use: soap bottles for home health aides
I am a: Large Business
What is good: easy to fill
About the service: Very Good
Prompt delivery: YES
Customer service helpful: N/A Good condition: YES
Would you buy again: YES Would you recommend: YES

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Size: 16 OZ.
Product use: RESELL to my customer
I am a: Small Business
What is good: great price, fast service, prompt in responding
What is not so good: 1 bottle almost crush during transit, i suggest shipping box need a little thicker
About the service: OUTSTANDING OVERALL
From eBottles: Thank you for your comment. We have recently upgraded our re-pack carton to a very sturdy double wall box. I hope you will have the opportunity to experience it on a future order, Im sure you will see the difference!

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Headline: Great Please save info for my future order
Size: 12oz
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From eBottles: Thanks Christine! Btw, if you create a username and password when you order, on your next order you can login and all the information, including items you purchased will be available to select and reorder.

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Headline: Great service, good price
Product use: bottles used in production
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What is good: Great service, always prompt and professional
What is not so good: None
About the service: superior