Customer Questions

Q: Is this bottle or any plastic bottle like it in the 4oz BPA Free?

A: All the bottles and caps offered on are BPA free and FDA food grade approved

Q: What are the physical dimensions of this bottle (8oz) and what size of label could/should be applied.

A: The measurements for the 8 oz. bottle without closure are listed below. The Overall Height is 5.31" The Diameter is 2.25" The Circumference is 7.069" The maximum label height for this bottle is 3.25".

Q: looking for the weight of the 8 oz bottle without cap. I currently use a 26 gram bottle. Thanks.

A: Our 8 oz. Cobalt Blue PET Boston Round is a 26 gram bottle.

Q: How large is the opening on this bottle?

A: The inner diameter of the bottle opening measures 1/2" for the 2 oz. size, and just under 3/4" for the 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.