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GLASS STRAIGHT SIDED JARS - CHILD RESISTANT WITH Dome Closure Child Resistant - Foil Lined - Matte White

ITEM CODE # 1627

Quality glass jars with lined child resistant closures are the best way to package cannabis. These flower jars are thick wall and rugged and will perform well for your most valuable products. 1 gram jar has a liquid capacity of 1 oz 16 dram (2 fl oz) holds 2 grams -- 20 dram (75ml) holds 1/8 oz of dense buds -- 30 dram (100 ml) holds 1/8 oz -- 40 dram(4 oz - 120 ml) holds 1/8 oz of larger buds or 1/4 oz of dense buds -- 60 dram (6 oz) holds 1/4 oz -- 8 oz. jar holds 1/2 oz -- 16 oz jar can hold up to 1 oz. The quantity of flower these jars can hold is dependent on bud size and density. Please be sure to check these capacities with your buds.

Discounts are not applicable for these packages. Our best prices are listed here with the purchase of one case. Negotiated pricing is available for quantities of 50,000 or more. Please contact us to discuss volume pricing.
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Dome Closure Child Resistant - Foil Lined - Matte White

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Customer Questions

I was curious which of the caps for the 15 dram amber glass were child proof

When will the 30 dram be in stock? Clear 53/400 On Order

Can I have the same type of lid for the next Jar sizes: 30 dram, 60 dram the wide one, 8 oz and 16oz. we want the ebony printed creby

Are you able to put a matte black coat around the clear glass jars? Are you able to provide us with different color glass? We are launching a new product line and would like our jars to be "matte black" or "matte white" with child resistant lids to match. Thank you. Jule Hall Creative Direction Owner

Do you have the label dimensions for the 30 dram jar.

can 20-40 dram glass jars come with metal lids?

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