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Is there a shrink wrap option that fits the 4 oz bottle?

Hey, I am a small business owner and i use your bottles .5oz 1.0oz. 2.0oz with dropper top, well my question is i need the heat wrap seals for them and i dont know where to find the ones need for these bottles. I dont know the correct spec for the bottles. Please enlighten me! Thanks in advance

Do these bottles have a marked line on the dropper in order to accurately measure the volume dispensed?

Please provide the bottles measurement for labeling purposes. 4.0 oz - 2.0 oz - 1.0 oz - 0.5 oz

which dropper is the 1ml bulb? I only see 0.8 labeled. Is there a 1ml dropper bulb that fits .5 oz bottle?

Hi! I am interested in ITEM CODE # 1472, the CRC 1oz white dropper with graduated glass dropper and 1ml bulb that fits a 1oz boston round amber bottle. Can I see the documentation that shows this item is tested and certified as child resistant? Also, what is the turnaround time and do you have a consistent inventory of this item? Are these sold as a set bottle with pipette? We would like to order a large quantity if you have a reliable inventory and this documentation available to view.
5 1 1472 Bottles

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