Customer Questions

Q: Can liquid be put in these jars? Thx.

A: Yes. The closures have F-217 (foamed polyethylene) liners which make an air-tight, water tight seal.

Q: When wholesaling these jars for CO Marijuana purposes, what drams correlate to 1 gram, 1/8 oz and so on?

A: It is difficult to say exactly which size jars hold how much marijuana. The problem is the variety of bud sizes, and how tightly you pack the jar. Generally speaking: 32 oz jars hold 1 oz. of buds. 16 oz jars hold 1/2 oz. 8 oz jars (60 dram) hold 1/4 oz. 4 oz jar (30 dram) holds 1/8 oz. 16-20 dram vials hold 1/16 oz. or 2 grams 10-13 dram vials hold 1 gram. *disclaimer: some dispensaries put 2x this amount in the same containers -- you really have to see what works for you!

Q: Are these bottles certified ASTM child resistant

A: Yes, the child resistant caps we offer are compliant with ASTMs standards for child resistant testing.

Q: I was wondering if i can get the certification stating that these have been tested for child resistant. 1 oz and 4 oz Thank you Katelyn

A: Dear Katelyn - The certifications can be downloaded directly from our website.Simply click here and follow the links located below the product image.