THICK WALL GLASS CONCENTRATE JARS - CHILD RESISTANT - CLEAR (PATENT# D781,151, D797,559) WITH Child Resistant - Smooth Sided Closures - No Text - Foil Lined Closures - Ash Printed

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NEW!! The perfect jars for concentrates. Cosmetic quality thickwall glass makes for the perfect dab application. Clear, live resin, wax, shatter -- all your products are better in glass! Flat bottom design allows you to label lid and base of the jar. Designed to work with child resistant closures for an elegant symmetric look. Choose our "Smooth Top" closures to apply a label on the top of the closures.
Our 5 ml and 9 ml concentrate jars are patented U.S. PAT. NOS. D781,151 and D797,559

Discounts are not applicable for these packages. Our best prices are listed here with the purchase of one case. Negotiated pricing is available for quantities of 50,000 or more. Please contact us to discuss volume pricing.
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(Holds 1 g - Great for Wax or Shatter)

Child Resistant - Smooth Sided Closures - No Text - Foil Lined Closures - Ash Printed

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Customer Questions

Wondering if you do custom labels for the caps on these? Or if you know where I might get my caps printed once I order some?

does this include the glass jars? if not what is a total cost with jars. Im after a case of 9ml

I could not understand the dimensions sheet. What is the diameter and height of the 9ml size. It looks like, among the 2 black caps available, one cap is taller than the other. If you could (a) let me know which cap is LOWER (minimum profile for jeans pocket), and (2) give the the dimensions WITH this cap. If you give me dimensions with cap, then I dont need any other dimensions. The link to the dimensions of the 7ml must be broken. I got a simple white background text giving the dimensions as all zero. Tx for a legible captchas!

Does this jar have any 3rd party certification for the child proofing?? I have ordered a lot of these and need the certificate. Thanks

Can you give the dimensions of the cap that goes on the 5ml thick wall glass concentrate jars - child resistant-

Are you able to just order the lids?

Hi, can you give me pricing for orders over 50,000?

Are these small jars able to go into the oven? At something like sub 250 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour without contaminating its contents?

What is the diameter of the 5ml cap? We are looking to attach a sticker to the top of the cap.

Can you point me in the direction of a circular seal to fit the 5mL jar? Something similar to what youd find sealing a bottle of vitamins. Thanks.

what are the diameters of the 9ml cap with the green writing?

is it possible to get these printed with our logo on the lid if we were to order 10,000+ jars?

Do you have the appropriate sized heat shrink seal for the 5mL bottles?

Can you tell me the width and height to the 5 ml glass jar with the child resistant lid? I need to know what size box would be appropriate to put it in.

What are the dimensions of the 5ml jar and the 9ml jar?

Silly question, but chavinh trouble removing childproof cap...instructions please? Thanks!!

what options do you have for the lining is it only the pe? we wanted to upgrade

How do I remove the child resistant plastic lid?