Customer Questions

Are these bpa free?

i plan to fill these and ship them to my customers, can they be shipped effectively with a sprayer on? or is it best to cap them and attach sprayer?

Are these bottles BPA free?

Does the trigger sprayer do stream and spray?

Is it 100 percent made in the U.S?

Are these plastic bottles bpa free?

Are these bottles clear? Would I be able to see a dark product through the bottle?

are these spray bottles safe for consuming liquids out of? I want to use them for storing vinegar sauces and water for spraying on my secret sauce chicken at the local BBQ? I would also be interested in a clear plastic spray bottle, similar to a bottle that looks like a windex bottle, that would hold these sauces and the water for spraying on food. Does a clear spray bottle that looks like that exist for human food consumption?

are bottles granulated

I ideally would like a 6 oz spray bottle. Do you carry? I am in need of 100 ea. Please quote 6 oz or 8 oz.

are these bottles HDPE material?

Is it possible to just buy the sprayer tops without the bottles?

Hi, are the sprayer lids child resistance as well? Or does it only come with a child resistant cap?
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4/ 5 stars
Headline: Great Protduct!
Size: 8 oz
Product use: for spot kits
I am a: Small Business
What is good: perfect size, long lasting
Prompt delivery: YES
Customer service helpful: NO Good condition: YES
Would you buy again: YES Would you recommend: YES