Customer Questions

Hi, Are these bottles ready to fill with a food product or do they need to be cleaned first

can i use these to can?

I am a designer making a label for the 12 oz bottle. Can you give me the standard label dimensions this bottle? Thanks.

Is one of these bottles 8 inches tall?

Im trying to design labels for your glass bottle #1404. Can you give me dimension of the 12oz bottle?

Which lid do you recommend for bottling syrup? The first time I bought these, I think I got white ribbed with the pressure seal discs. Does that sound right? If there is a more appropriate option please let me know.

What size label will I need for the 8oz. bottle ?

What size labels do I use on this bottle? Is there a special machine to put the labels on the bottles?
5 1 1404 Bottles

5/ 5 stars
Headline: Great product....but Canadians pay lots!!!!
Size: 12 oz
Product use: I used the product for bottling home made BBQ sauce for friends.
I am a: Individual
What is good: Easy to fill and a nice looking bottle. Plus you can seal it with the tin caps.
What is not so good: I shipped it regular UPS for the cost of $35. Then was charged $20 for broker fees and duty (duty was approximately $1...the rest was brokerage fees). This makes the bottles over $6 each when I ordered 12.
About the service: Was in delivery process the next day and very well packed for the long trip. No damage when I received them.
Prompt delivery: YES
Customer service helpful: N/A Good condition: YES
Would you buy again: YES Would you recommend: YES

5 1
1404 Bottles
5 / 5 stars
Headline: Excellent Service, Product just as expected
Size: 10 Oz
Product use: Bottles were filled with Lemonade, added a 10 1/2 inch grey and white stipped paper straw, added a construction paper mint leaf tied to the Paper Straw with twine. This served as the place card for my daughters wedding. Everyone loved the idea and appreciated the cool lemonade as they walked into the reception hall.
I am a: Individual
What is good: Bottles shipped same day as promised, product was packed so that none of the bottles were damaged. Boxes were small enough that they could be easily handled without being too heavy.
What is not so good: everything was just as expected, no downside
About the service: Ordered everything on line, very easy.

5 1
1404 Bottles
5 / 5 stars
Headline: These bottles did the trick!
Size: 12 oz
Product use: I bottled my salad dressing.
I am a: Small Business
What is good: Exactly what I needed!
What is not so good: nothing
About the service: Shipping was fast! Everything arrived when promised!

4 1
1404 Bottles
4 / 5 stars
Headline: glas bottles
Size: 8oz
Product use: different flavored milks for groups
I am a: Large Business
What is good: we can use them over and over just buy new caps
What is not so good: i would of liked to have our logo on them
About the service: ok