Customer Questions

Q: Are the 16oz bottles autoclavable?

A: No, HDPE jars are not usable at temperatures above 190° F. Autoclaves use temperatures of 250° F or higher. We can recommend any of our PP jars for this application.

Q: Are these jars available in a press down lid? So after we fill them up, can we hammer the lid on to the bottle?

A: We dont offer these jars with press down lids, we only carry them with threaded lids that are screwed onto the jars.

Q: Are these bottles safe for food grade liquid in the freezer?

A: Yes, these bottles are made from FDA food grade approved material and are safe to use in the freezer. HDPE Plastic is known to provide good protection in below freezing temperatures (as low as -148° F).

Q: Do you carry these bottles in clear plastic?

A: Yes. Click here for our Clear Wide Mouth Straight Sided Plastic Jars made from polystyrene.

Q: Does this bottle come in clear?

A: Our Polystyrene Straight Sided Single Wall Plastic Jars (item code 445) are similar in shape and they are clear.

Q: what are the dimension of the bottles in inches

A: The 16 oz. jar is 3.62" tall and the 32 oz. jar is 6.52" tall. Both jars have a diameter of 3.65".

Q: What is the inside diameter of the 16 oz container?

A: The inside diameter of the 16 oz. container is 3".

Q: Does the 32 oz come in a frost finish?

A: Yes. Both sizes are available in white (opaque) and natural (translucent).

Q: Do you offer larger versions of these? I would be needing one capable of holding up to 2kg of powder. Thank you for your time, James

A: James - Unfortunately, we dont offer any larger versions of the wide mouth jars. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: Is it good to store wheat powder

A: The bottles are FDA food grade and should be suitable, however, we cannot make any guarantees and recommend that you test your product in the container you choose prior to use.

Q: how wide is this opening and what are the height dimensions

A: We have these items in 16 and 32 ounces. The dimensions for the 16 ounce bottle is 3.615" H x 3.650" W. Dimensions for the 32 ounce bottle is 6.521" H x 3.650" W. The inner diameter measures 78.11 mm for both bottles.

Q: Is this bottle ASTM certified child resistant?

A: Yes, the child resistant caps we offer are compliant with ASTMs standards for child resistant testing.

Q: What is NATURAL color as opposed to white?

A: Natural means the HDPE material without any color added. In its "natural" state HDPE is translucent -- like a milk jug. White HDPE is opaque.

Q: I need this bottle in 32 oz black, preferrably a glossy black but at minimum black.

A: This item is available in black: The jars are not glossy, unfortunately. HDPE is matte.
5 1
old bottle
5 / 5 stars
Headline: Perfect
Size: large
Product use: We carry hot tub chemicals in them.
I am a: Small Business
What is good: the size and the way they do not have a lip on the inside of the jar.
What is not so good: N/A
About the service: great

5 1
old bottle
5 / 5 stars
Headline: One Happy Camper
Size: 32 oz
Product use: This 32 oz white container holds my powdered formula of herbs, vegetables, and sea algaes.
I am a: Soho
What is good: It is the perfect size for 16 oz or more of powder.
What is not so good: I wish you carried straight-sided amber glass jars. I would prefer to use glass instead of plastic for my product.
About the service: Perfect.

5 1
old bottle
5 / 5 stars
Product use: sample bottles
I am a: Large Business
What is good: fits the need
About the service: Great