Customer Questions

Q: Are these translucent or no? I am looking to find a container about the size of a playdoh jar. I need a set that is clear and a set that hides what is inside (preferable similar in every other aspect). That would be perfect for making literacy sound jars.

A: We carry these jars both in clear plastic (item code 445) item code 445) and in white plastic (item code 444). The clear is see through, the white is not.

Q: I only need 25 of these with lids, is that possible?

A: Yes. Simply select the individual (1) bottle and change the quantity to 25 on the next page. You will also be able to choose your caps on that page. The cap size and quantity will automatically match your bottle size and quantity.

Q: I need an easthetically appealing lid that is leakproof. Does the unlined lid leak?

A: The Dome Jar Caps with linerless landseals are designed to provide a leak-proof seal with our jars when used correctly. Typically, the jars are used for viscous products.

Q: Does this jar come with red lids?

A: All the lid options for this jar are either black or white. Unfortunately, we dont carry a red lid for these jars.

Q: My question is about the CHILD RESISTANT PRESSURE SENSITIVE INNER SEAL - WHITE caps that would fit these jars. How does this work with the inner seal? Is the seal inside s the cap and becomes sealed to the jar upon tightening the lid? Are the jars water vapour sealed to stop the jar from gaining or loosing moisture? Thanks Scott Skinner

A: Yes, the inner seal is inside the cap and becomes sealed to the jar upon tightening. Please make sure that the bottle opening is clean and dry before applying the caps to ensure the pressure sensitive inner seal adheres to the bottle. To help you determine what type of plastic is best suited to work with your product, please follow the link below.

Q: What is the recommended label size for the 8 oz. version of this jar (ITEM CODE # 444)?

A: The maximum label size for the 8 oz. jar is 1.5" (height) x 9.75" (width).
5 1
old bottle
5 / 5 stars
Headline: Excellent product
Size: quart size and cup size
Product use: store products, grits and polish compounds
I am a: Individual
What is good: no leaks, holds it solid with no problems
What is not so good: none
About the service: excellent, order arrived very quickly.

5 1
old bottle
5 / 5 stars
Headline: Love it!
Product use: Testing containers
I am a: Small Business
What is good: Presentation, durability and seals tight.
About the service: Excellent

5 1
old bottle
5 / 5 stars
Headline: Your Jars are Tops!
Size: 4 ounce plastic jars
Product use: The speed we receive the jars is so much faster than anyone else.
I am a: Small Business
What is good: We use them to store cosmetic samples.
What is not so good: None, otherwise you wouldnt have seen a reorder from us.
About the service: Fabulous