Customer Questions

Are they leak proof?

What does the number for neck finish mean, like 20 for the 1 oz. btls? Is this the diameter of the bottom of the cork in millimeters? Thanx, Steve Harper

How wide is the opening on the 2oz bottle?

Hi, I am interested in ordering the 4 oz bottle with the cork closure but I am worried the liquid will leak. How secure is the cork closure?

Where are the clear and amber bottles made? I dont want bottles from China.

Hello! Im interested in 8 and 16 oz of the Cobalt Blue bottles with corks. Would it be possible to get those from you? Thanks so much. Maia

What is the measurement inside the opening (the neck) of the 5 dram?

which corks and bottles have an opening of 15 mm- about 5/8"

What size shrink bands would I buy for the 2 oz. cork round glass bottle?

Do you have mailing boxes that will fit the 32oz and 16oz plastic bottles?

Hello, can you tell me the measure in inches of the 4oz. bottle. (The sticker I am looking to put on the bottle measures 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide.) Thanks so much!

For the 4oz clear corked bottles, I dont understand the dimensions. How tall and wide is it in inches? Thank you.

What is the height and opening diameter for the 1 and 2oz bottle?

What are the dimensions of the 2 Oz bottle?

hi, i d like to buy 200 bottles 50 ml, but do you ship in uk? thanks

Does this come with a natural cork? If so, has the cork been treated with anything?

Hello, are these bottles FDA approved food grade?

How wide is the opening of the 4oz. bottle?

We are planning on filling the jar with MandM candies. Will the candy fit in the neck of the 4oz jar?

how much height will the cork add to the height of the bottles?
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Product use: We are using these bottles for wedding favors and they are the perfect size and weight. Going to fill them with homemade Limoncello. Very happy with the price and quality.
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