Customer Questions

Q: What material are these bottles made from?

A: These water bottles are made from PET plastic.

Q: What cleaning procedures do you use before selling them? are they sterile?

A: All of our products are made from new materials and considered clean, however, they do get dusty during transport and warehousing. We do recommend washing out any bottles or jars you intend on using for food or beverages.

Q: Will this bottle work for a carbonated beverage?

A: These bottles are not recommended for carbonated beverages as the walls are not thick enough to hold the gas.

Q: can the bottle be put in the freezer with liquid in it

A: Yes, the filled water bottles can be put in the freezer.

Q: What amount of heat can the bottle resist?

A: The maximum temperature this bottle can resist is 160° F. You can find all of our bottle resin qualities, usages and limitations here.

Q: What is the price if I were to buy 5000 pieces of the 16oz bottle?

A: For 5,000 units, the price drops to $0.46 per bottle. These bottles are also available bulk palletized (4,680 bottles to a pallet) for $0.36 each.

Q: Do you have this bottle with less ribs? i need to put a label on the bottle.

A: These water bottles do have a label panel (16 oz - 3 inches), however we do not carry a style that has "less ribs". The ribs are designed to keep the bottle from collapsing.

Q: Can the water bottles be printed with a school logo or letters? Do you deliver to Australia

A: We do not offer any printing services for these bottles, however the bottles do have the capability of being printed on. We do not ship outside of the US and Canada, but we can ship to a freight forwarder if necessary.

Q: Do you sell the hand held manual capping machine for the bottle caps as well?

A: We dont sell any capping machines, however, all of our caps can easily be applied by hand.

Q: What type of material does this bottle come in. I am looking for a 500ml water bottle that will stand a hot fill of 180 and above.

A: Our water bottles are made from PET Plastic. Unfortunately, this material does not provide resistance to high temperature applications (max. temp. is 160° F).

Q: What is the price if I were to buy 5000 pieces of the 1 liter bottle? Also does the cap come in green color?

A: For 5,000 bottles we can offer you a 10% discount, lowering the price per bottle to $0.32 each including the tamper-evident cap. Unfortunately, we only carry these caps in white.

Q: How is the cap sealed after the liquid is poured in.

A: The safety ring is applied by screwing the tamper evident cap onto the bottle manually. Opening the bottle will break the safety ring.

Q: Are these bottles dishwasher safe?

A: Due to the high temperatures, we dont recommend these bottles to be washed in the dishwasher.

Q: I need a plastic bottle like your # 1455 but none ribbed.

A: The Clear Cosmo Rounds, Clear Boston Rounds, or Clear Ring Neck Sauce Rounds may be a good alternative for you.

Q: Are these bottles bpa free? If not do you have water bottles like the ribbed 22 oz that are bpa free?

A: Yes. All the bottles offered on are BPA free and FDA food grade approved.

Q: How to seal bottles after placing liquid inside

A: These bottles are offered with regular tamper-evident closures or tamper-evident sports caps, both of which are applied manually once the bottles are filled.

Q: i would like buy 16 0z water bottle with lid. i want to know the price list. i need about 1000 bottle with lid. what is the unit price. (I mean one bottle price) If you do have menu can you send me the following address. 2328 west main street Rapid City SD 57702

A: The price per bottle is $.60 including the standard tamper evident cap. Please click here to see the available quantities and wholesale pricing. We offer additional volume discounts of 10% on orders of $1,000 or more, 20% on orders of $2,500 or more and 25% on orders of $5,000 or more. These discounts are automatically calculated and reflected online for you.

Q: Does this 16 oz bottle seal?

A: The tamper evident caps we offer for the water bottles will seal the bottles with a safety ring when the caps are applied. Opening the bottle will break the safety ring.

Q: Are these recyclable, and what number are they? Also are they BPA free?

A: Yes, these bottles are recyclable (recycling code 1) and they are BPA free.

Q: Do these bottles come with caps or not?

A: The caps are sold separately. Once you select your bottle quantity, you will be prompted to choose your caps on the following page. The size and quantity of your caps will automatically match the size and quantity of your bottles.

Q: How do I seal the bottles when full

A: The tamper evident caps we offer for the water bottles will seal the bottles with a safety ring when the caps are applied. Opening the bottle will break the safety ring.

Q: I need 10000 of the small bottle pet what would it cost me

A: Hello - We offer these bottles bulk palletized (8379 bottles to a pallet) at $.25/ea. The white tamper evident screw on caps are sold separately at $.02/ea. Feel free to call us at 561-203-2779 if we can be of further assistance.

Q: What is the thickness of these bottles?

A: The wall thickness varies. The neck finish land area, the middle of the bottle and the base are different. The bottles are the same as commercial water bottles on store shelves -- they are quite thin and can be easily crushed.
5 / 5 stars
Product use: To bottle homemade fruit juices.
I am a: Small Business
What is good: Clear bottle shows off the color of the juice.
What is not so good: The shipping cost.
About the service: Good.

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Flavored Alkaline Lemonade
Product use: To Bottle our Flavored Alkaline Lemonades 8oz bottling
I am a: Small Business
What is good: Great for free sample give aways to our customers to try various flavors.
About the service: I am well pleasure thank you for the perfect water bottles. I will be ordering 16oz and larger very soon

4 / 5 stars
Headline: Awesome bottles
Product use: Used for a craft
I am a: Individual
What is good: It sealed so the kids will have to break the seal to get snack out
About the service: Fast

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Excellent!
Product use: Personal
I am a: Individual
What is good: size and portability
About the service: Excellent

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Little Water Bottles
Size: 6 oz
Product use: We are using it for Kangen Water for our patients.
I am a: Small Business
What is good: They are ribbed and easy to handle.
About the service: great and accurate

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Customer Service is back!
Size: 16oz
Product use: I bottle natural Juice
I am a: Small Business
What is good: Size, Ribs on the bottle
About the service: Fast

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Good bottles
Size: 16 oz
Product use: portable humidifier
I am a: Individual
What is good: they are built pretty sturdy
About the service: good

5 / 5 stars
Headline: The bottles are great and easy to work with.
Size: 8oz
Product use: We bottle fresh juice. The caps, I just love!!!!!!
I am a: Small Business
What is good:
What is not so good: None
About the service: Great costumer service.