Customer Questions

Q: Does it come in green glass also?

A: No, we only carry this bottle in clear glass. You may want to consider the Green Glass Marasca Bottle instead.

Q: is there a white metal lid that will work with this bottle? also which clear shrink sleeve fits this cap? thanks

A: Unfortunately, we only offer this bottle with the Fine Ribbed Black PP Lined Closure shown online. The shrink bands will automatically fit the bottle cap when ordered with the bottle. If you wish to order the shrink bands separately, please choose the ones listed with a 31.5/CONE neck finish in the Closure section of our website.

Q: Do the bottles come with caps?

A: You can order these bottles with or without caps. Once you select your bottle quantity, you will have the option to add caps on the following page. The size and quantity of your caps will automatically match your bottles.

Q: what is the measurement of the black screw top that works on your clear glass bottles? (9.25" height; 10 oz)

A: The inner diameter of the black screw top for this bottle measures 31.5 mm.

Q: what size is the bottle top in inches

A: The Diameter of the neck (outside measurment) is 1.25"

Q: Several reviews mentioned that it took a long time for the bottles to be delivered. What is the delivery time?

A: Orders received by 1 pm EST usually ship the same day via UPS Ground, provided the items are in stock. Transit time is 1-6 business days, depending on where you are located. These bottles are very popular during the holiday season and sometimes inventory gets low during that time. The good news is that we currently have plenty of these bottles in stock.

Q: How many ounces per bottle?

A: The 250 ml Dorica Oil Bottle holds about 8.5 fluid ounces.

Q: do you have this bottle in a smaller size

A: We only carry this bottle in the 250 ml size you see listed online. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: I need to know the largest size label I can fit on this bottle so need either the circumference or radius of the bottom portion of the bottle and the height of the bottom portion (not including the neck.) Thanks

A: The circumference of the bottle is 6.2" and the height of the bottom portion is 6.75". The maximum label size is 6" (tall) x 5.5" (wide).

Q: Which clozure fits the dorica glass oil ottle

A: The closure size is 31.5mm. We only offer black screw caps in this size.

Q: what shrink wrap do you recommend

A: The shrink band size for this bottle will be the same size as the bottles neck finish: 31.5/Cone. To purchase shrink bands independent of a bottle, they can be found on the very bottom of the Closures page.
5 / 5 stars
Product use: I just wanted to express my thanks and let you know how impressed I am at the speed of getting my order to me. You will have my future business for any bottling supplies I will need. This is hands down the fastest I have received any online order, and the price was very reasonable.
What is good:

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Glass Oil Bottle
Size: 8.5 oz
Product use: Produced and bottled Lemoncello for the past three years.
I am a: Individual
What is good: Perfect size for distributing product to family members as gifts throughout the year. I also liked the seal that accompanies the bottle cap so the cap will not accidently screw loose. Looks more professional.
What is not so good: For my needs and those others producing small quantities of similar product, there arent any shortcomings associated with this bottle.
About the service: Service was quite professional. Notification of any delays were prompt and notification of shipment was made quickly.

5 / 5 stars
Size: 250ml 8 oz
Product use: Bottled flavored oil
I am a: Small Business
What is good: Visual and size
What is not so good: Really really want it in a 5 oz bottle
About the service: Very good

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Perfect bottles
Size: 8oz
Product use: For herbal oils
I am a: Individual
What is good: Perfect size and shape, make my product look good for gifts and sales
What is not so good: Nothing bad about them at all!
About the service: Excellent

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Great Bottle
Size: 250ml
Product use: Bottling Infused Olive Oil and Balismic
I am a: Small Business
What is good: off the shelf
What is not so good: none
About the service: great

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Fits the bill
Product use: Sandblasted them as part of a sculptural installation
I am a: Individual
What is good:
About the service: Good

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Unique and Fairly Priced
Size: 250 ML
Product use: Place custom herbal vinegars inside the bottle with a sprig of whatever herb flavor it presents.
I am a: Small Business
What is good: Unique bottle shape, screw top with shrink wrap seal. Round shape provides many options for labeling and display. Distinctive enough that we can get a better price for our product.
What is not so good: Because of price points it would be nice to have the bottles as 10 to 15 cents less. But, we understand that you have to make a buck as well.
About the service: incredible. Ordered and delivery within a week.

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Great Little bottles for
Size: I think, 10 oz...
Product use: We used the pretty bottles to package our "Limoncello". The size was perfect for Christmas gifting and the seals made the package look quite professionally done. Thanks.
I am a: Individual
What is good: We liked the size and the handmade appearance of the bottles. With our labels, the whole package looked just as it should.
What is not so good: The order took a bit longer to receive than anticipated but still arrived in time for the packaging. Now, I need to reorder for the next batch we are brewing.
About the service: Well packed and secure. Time...see above.

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Lovely Bottles for
Size: I think, 10 oz...
Product use: We used the bottles to hold our wonderful "Limoncello," the first batch we made. We will need to purchase more as the next batch is underway. The first was a great success!!
I am a: Individual
What is good: The size was perfect for gifting and the opening, the perfect size to funnel in the liquid. I particularly liked the sealing rings...made the product look very professionally presented21
What is not so good: The time it took to receive the order! I ordered in Mid October and got the bottles in December. I will say, your company did notify me that they were being shipped from overseas, so it would be a while...but yikes! Guess it just made the cello more mellow"!
About the service: see above. Other than the long wait, they were packaged well and everything was as ordered. Thanks.

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Right bottle, right time
Size: 250ml
Product use: We used the bottels to make herbal vinegar in, and they worked like a charm. Just the right size and shape that we needed.
I am a: Small Business
What is good: Theyre perfect for small bottling jobs. They arent a lot of fuss or bother, which was perfect for our little church.
What is not so good: Everything about the bottels was/is fine. Next time I might look for stopper pieces like are used in mass-produced vinegar bottles, but thats on me not against the bottles.
About the service: Service was excellent. My concerns after first placing the order were laid to rest, and everything came through with flying colors.

5 / 5 stars
Headline: great size.Love them!
Product use: make flavored olive oils.
I am a: Individual
What is good:
About the service: very good

5 / 5 stars
Headline: Great bottles for Oil/Vinegar
Product use: Made infused oil and vinegar as gifts
I am a: Individual
What is good: Attractive bottle
What is not so good: These are 8 oz. bottles. But it takes a tad more than 8 oz. to get the fluid up into the neck if you want the bottle to look full. Not a problem, just something to be aware of if you are measuring volume for a large batch. Add extra!
About the service: Excellent service, great staff!
From eBottles: Thank you for your feedback! Yes, this is a 250 ml bottle. In ounces this equals 8.3 oz to the fill point.