Customer Questions

Q: Where can I find the instructions for proper sealing of the "M" lid for the "Globe Jar"? Thank you.

A: There are several methods to properly can foods, such as hot filling, hot water bathing or pressure canning. Deciding which method is best for you depends on your recipe, the acidity level in your food, and other individual requirements. You can read more about common home canning methods here.

Q: I only need two of these 16oz jars. Is it possible to just order two and not a whole case? Thanks! -Lauren

A: Unfortunately for these bottles we do not break the cases. The minimum is 12 bottles so that there is no breakage with the merchandise.

Q: How tall are these glass globe jars?

A: The 6 oz. jar is 3.25" tall and the 12 oz. jar is 4" tall. You can also look up the dimensions for all our bottles online by clicking on the bottle size.

Q: I do not see the 8 oz globe jar are you out?

A: These jars are listed by their fluid ounce capacity, so you are probably looking for the 6 oz. jar, which holds 6 fl oz. in liquid volume, but may end up weighing 8 oz. in net weight, once it is filled with product.

Q: What size is the opening on top? Need a six to eight ounce jar with one and three fourth inch diameter.

A: The bottle opening of the 6 oz. jar has an outer diameter of 1.75", and an inner diameter of 1.5".

Q: Can I get the 16oz jar with a gold rubber lined lid?

A: The available closure options for the 16 oz. jar are white plastisol lined metal lids, or plastic caps in black or white. We dont offer a gold lid for this jar.

Q: Do you offer a gold lid?

A: Sorry, no, we only stock white metal lids for these jars.

Q: Dose this jar come in plastic? I am looking for a plastic jar and metal lid Like this or something close. Thank you for your time. 16oz

A: Im sorry, but no only glass in this shape.

Q: How do you know the jar is sealed after the hot bath method with this type of lid? Is there an indication on the lid, such as an indentation?

A: The top of the lid is firm to the touch when a vacuum seal is in place and becomes flexible when the seal is broken.
5 / 5 stars
Product use: great bottles. very durable and stylish
What is good:

3 / 5 stars
Headline: globe jars, so cute
Size: 8oz, 16oz
Product use: home hot-water bath canning for pickles, jams, chutneys, etc
I am a: Small Business
What is good: people absolutely love the look, the shape really highlights the food. and the jars are incredibly durable.
About the service: absolutely fabulous. have ordered a couple of times w/no troubles, had a mess-up in the most recent order but it was dealt w/very promptly and professionally. thanks!