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����������� Makes Buying Bottles Easy



Until now, small volume buyers were stuck; if you don�t buy bottles by the truckload, you don�t buy bottles. Not anymore: is designed specifically to fill the need of the small volume buyer.


Since February 2002, eBottles has filled over 60,000 orders for case or less than case quantities. This user friendly website streamlines on line ordering for bottles, jars, closures, and pumps.


eBottles was created as a division of Lerman Container Company, a distributor of

packaging for over 20 years. By listening to customers, Lerman recognized the need to meet small order requirements and developed a business model to satisfy the demand.


Born from customer feedback, eBottles uses similar feedback to continually improve its service and add to its product line. With over 500 different items in stock, 95% of all orders are shipped the next business day.


From CEO to sole proprietor, now everyone can buy bottles buy the dozen, instead of by the thousands. � �the easy way to buy bottles�.


For more information, please visit us at or contact us at or call toll free 888-215-0023.

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